The ONLY Way To Eliminate Stress


How To Become Stress Free

by The Modern Martial Artist

There is a lot of advice out there on how to be less stressed. Most of it involves meditation or a positive mindset, and these things are truly helpful. But there is only one surefire way to eliminate stress, and it is not a very popular one. This is because this way, hidden in plain site, requires action. Yes, action. And work.

Because the only way to get rid of stress is to take action and change the situation that is stressing you out.

But what if you can’t change it, or it will take a long time to change?

Well, you are in luck. Here are Three Simple Steps to get you started. The great thing is, even if you cannot get to step three, the first two will greatly reduce your stress! (If not flat out remove it.)

Step One: Figure Out The Worst Case Scenario

This does one of two things. It either lets you realize that the thing you are fearing is not that bad, or it spurs you into action. It may be that at this step, you realize that you are over-reacting. That it would not be the end of the world if you got a B + instead of an A.

Or it may let you realize that, yeah, it is time to get that lump checked out. Which moves us on to step two.

Step Two: Make A Plan

Here is where we get to work. Yes, beautiful, glorious work! It takes work to make a change, and it takes change to get rid of your stress.

Your plan could be long term or short term. It could be a long shot or completely concrete. But either way, after you make your plan you will already be feeling ten times better! Why? Because you have realized a secret that has alluded many people: That you are in control of your life, and in control of your actions.

True, there are many, many, many things that we cannot control. But our actions are not one of them.

You will also be feeling something else which may be new to you: Hope. Faith. Optimism. You have realized that there is a way forward.

If you have trouble getting organized or making plans, check out Getting Things Done by David Allen. It drastically changed my life and many others lives for the better!

Now, there are times that there is no way to change your situation. If this is the case, then at least you know that you have tried everything that you could. BUT, until you have given your situation at least an hour of thought a day, researched it, and asked everyone you could think of, then it is far too early to give up on step two.

Step Three: Follow Through

The hardest step of all!

So many fall into the pitfall of step two, and think that simply making a plan will make everything ok. But over time, inaction will eat away at the false reality you have built for yourself. You will realize that making a plan is entirely useless if you don’t do anything with it! The stress will return, greater than before.

That is why you must take action NOW! Each moment waisted is an opportunity waisted. As you take action, you will feel that yet more stress has left you. You will feel lighter, freer. Even if your problem has not disappeared, you will find comfort in the effort of your actions. You are no longer taking it lying down. You are fighting back!

One Step At A Time Will Get You To The Top Of The Mountain

Nothing in life is certain. But if you are trying your very hardest to change your situation, to alleviate your stress, I can tell you this: You stand a much better chance than if you were doing nothing at all!

So get out there, conquer your problems. And then, once most of the stress is gone, keep going.

Change your mindset to change your actions.

Change your actions to change your life.

Change your life to change the world.

From the Modern Martial Artist, this has been David Christian wishing you happy training.

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