Principles of Power

Principles of Power explains in depth the techniques that the worlds hardest hitting fighters use to knock out and dominate their opponents.  

Principles of Power explains the physics behind the hardest hitting fighters in history, then demonstrates practical ways to incorporate these principles into your own striking arsenal in an easy to understand, no nonsense way.

For years sports scientists have studied how to put the most power into movement patterns from popular sports; from a pitcher throwing a baseball to a golfer swinging his golf club. This same attention has rarely been given to combat sports or martial arts, in part because a fighter must balance mobility and defense along with power generation. But the lack of research has not stopped generations of talented fighters of all disciplines from finding ways to incorporate massive power building techniques into their own unique styles.

This book not only explains the physics behind massive power generation, it also gives hundreds of examples of how to use them. Each physics principle is followed with a Practical Applications section. This section demonstrates several proven set ups and techniques used by the world’s greatest fighters, from simple, staple techniques to complex, advanced methods. In this way, the reader can incorporate the principles in a way that works best for their own unique style.

In this book you’ll find:

  • 100s of illustrations.
  • How to use your defense to increase the power of your offense.
  • How to create power through footwork.
  • Which stance and body positions work best in different situations.
  • The best ways to shift weight and create momentum for any strike, for linear and curved strikes.
  • How to use the Shortening Arc Principle and static points to rapidly accelerate your movement.
  • How to structure and align your body to transfer the most weight possible into your strike.
  • Practical examples of how to use these concepts in combinations, using one strike to load power into the next.
  • How to build your own strikes in a systematic way, from setup to follow through.

Written by David Christian, whose videos have influenced tens of millions of people and been shared and praised by great fighters such as Dominick Cruz, Julio Cesar Chavez Sr., George Foreman and Ricardo Lopez.

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