Andy Hug’s Axe Kick

Andy Hug had one of the craziest striking arsenals in kickboxing history. Along with his spinning back-fist and the Hug Tornado, Andy was able to throw one of the most powerful axe kicks ever seen in the ring.


The axe kick is one of the most dangerous moves to throw, leaving you vulnerable and in a position to be easily countered. The only reason Hug could repeatedly throw it with effectiveness was it’s massive power and incredible speed.

His axe kick would take his opponents unaware, penetrating their guard by going over it and keeping them in a constant state of bewilderment. Let’s take a look at how he did it.

Step One: Keep your leg straight as you raise it.


Many styles raise the knee up first before they axe kick. This adds deceptiveness, fooling your opponent into thinking another kind of kick is coming. In contrast, Andy Hug swept his leg up with his knee locked, allowing for more speed and commitment.

 By bringing his foot up in a wide arc, Andy was able to take advantage of his adversaries blind spot from behind his guard and catch him unaware.


Step Two: Slide your body forward.


Because Andy swept his leg up with such great force, his body followed along with it. This closed distance and added force to his kick. Notice that Andy pivoted on the ball of his foot, opening up his hips for greater extension.


Step 3: Push your hips out as your drive your foot down.


Andy threw his hips forward and leaned back as he completed his kick. This added even more range and shifted his momentum forward and downward. Instead of letting gravity do the work, Andy accelerated his foot towards his target until the moment of impact. The results speak for themselves.

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