Why You Think Everyone Is Boring


Why Everyone Is So Boring

By The Modern Martial Artist

We have all been stuck listening to someone describe their stamp collection or favorite kind of native toad. Ok, maybe not that bad, but we have all been in a conversation or two where we have wanted nothing more than to escape. You may think of the people from these conversations as boring, awkward or socially incompetent. And they may very well be.

But here is the thing. If you find yourself becoming bored by people often, or find yourself wishing that there were more interesting, creative, and intelligent people out there, then I have some bad news for you… They are not boring. You are.

What?! you say. I’m not boring! I fish, bike ride, and take Ju Jutsu classes every other Saturday! 

Well, those things are pretty interesting, in and of themselves. But honestly, nobody that you are meeting for the first time cares that you do them. That’s not me being crude, that is simply the truth. You are  boring because you cannot relate to people openly and honestly, and that is the main thing that people are looking for in a conversation. In order for people to care about the things you do (Even if those things are pretty awesome) they must first care about you.

Think about that for a moment. It does not matter if you have ridden a motorcycle through a ring of fire on the top of Everest while shooting a bow and arrow through the heart of a dragon. If the person listening to you tell that story does not care about you, they will not care about your accomplishments!

But David, I spend so much time learning how to do that! It’s really important to me. It’s how I got over my depression!

Really! Now THAT is interesting! Now I care!


I care! I care because you went beyond what you did, and you went into why it was important to you. You talked about something I could relate to as another human being. We have all been sad before.

This is how people relate. They care about the why. They care about the struggle, the joy, the triumphs. This is how you make friends. You find something within the other person that you can relate to. And there is something within everyone on this Earth that you can relate to. We are all mirror images of each other. It is simply about finding the right angle to look at.

If you take an interest in people, a genuine interest, then not only will you be fascinated, but you will be fascinating.

So the next time you are talking to the stamp collecting toad guy, ask him why he likes stamps. Ask him what is so fascinating about toads. I think the answer will surprise you! Who knows, you could end up making a new friend.

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