Conor McGregor’s Left Hand


Conor McGregor’s Left Hand Punch

Connor McGregor is one of the most athletic and exiting fighters to come along in a long time. Along with his wide array of unusual kicking arsenal, Connor uses his left hand to destroy and dominate his opponents.

In this video we will break down:

  1. The unique way that McGregor throws his left hand,

  2. How it is the key to his strategy as an offensive pressure fighter.

Merging of Styles

The foundation of McGregor’s left hand is a traditional karate or TKD reverse punch, but with a few game changing innovations that add a range, power, and mobility.

In a traditional hard style reverse punch you shift your feet from a back stance to a front stance. Power is generated through move your weight from the rear to lead leg, and turning the shoulders and hips as you step out to your side.

In contrast, McGregor steps far more forward than sideways. This keeps his stance extremely narrow. In doing so his stance incredibly unstable. This would normally be a huge disadvantage, but here is where the second innovation comes in.

Connor transitions past a front stance. He straightens his lead leg, leaning extremely far forward. He even comes up onto his toes.

This allows him to twist his hips freely.

Conor takes advantage of the mobility that going up on his toes provides. He pivots off his punch, just like Ali could do with his jab and cross.

He cuts angles and swings to his right, where fighters can usually find protection by stepping and tilting their head off line.

To keep his balance with such an unstable punch, McGregor moves his back foot to his left to counterbalance his body, and turns this recovery step into a shuffle offline.

The Art of Feinting Without Feinting

McGregor doesn’t just start his left hand punch from a sideways stance and small step, he starts all of his strikes the same way.

Connor is one of the most non-telegraphic fighters in modern day MMA.

Fighters have spent years learning how to watch their opponents bodies for slight preparations. In this way, they subconsciously know which punch or a kick is coming.  By initiating all of his strikes from the exact same movement pattern, McGregor takes this away from them.

Within seconds of the fight beginning, Connor lets his them know that if they go left when he comes in, they could get knocked out by a roundhouse. If they go right, a spinning hook kick. If they stay at range, Connor could use a front kick or back kick to take them out. He also keeps fighters at his preferred distance by “jabbing” at them with a lead leg sidekick, again with the same step. 

If McGregor telegraphed his moves like most fighters, he could never get away with being this aggressively dominate.

His opponents know something is coming, but they don’t know what until it hits them. Any way they move could potentially move them into a powerful blow.

McGregor only wants his opponents going one of two ways…forward, so he can counter, or backwards, so he can get them against the cage.



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  1. Love your work I watched the Conor vid you made , after watching all I could on Conor’s Left hand , like how to Counter punch like Conor Mcgregor , The Fight tips video , The Kenshin Article on his Left hand Hypnotism , I read the Articles on Striking thought world press, The Brendon Dorman Study , each one added a little , but I believe there are some unexplored areas no one covered like how he sets it up , what angles does he cut the defensive measures he takes if anyone will give this guy’s skills justice it’s you , the fact it’s this one weapon that has so many variations to it and strategies makes it so fascinating to me

    I love the TJ Dillashaw vid , I look forward to a defensive foot work and offensive foot work for Dominic Cruz , and a vid that can explain Wonderboy Thompson’s Superfoot kicking base and his go to angles

    the fact you talk during the vids makes them so much easier to follow I wish some details were slowed down but your style of vids is definitely my fave

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